Most Americans Don’t Regularly Maintain Their Vehicle Here’s What You Should Know


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What do you do to keep your car in working shape? Do you regularly take it to the shop to get it checked or do you prefer to give it a look-over yourself in your garage once in a while? Whatever your methods, having a little firsthand knowledge is essential to not just own a car, but keep it running smoothly no matter the season, weather or your budget. A properly functioning car not only makes it easier to get to and from work and school, it increases your safety as well as the safety of those sharing the road with you. Let’s look at the top four tips you should know to keep your car running well, from finding genuine RAM parts to applying for the right insurance, without breaking your budget or your schedule!

Eliminating Car Neglect

Let’s start off with the most important f

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Interlock Devices Reduce Repeat DUI Offenses


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Sometimes a DUI charge can actually be a reprieve, forcing a person to stop and take stock of their habits and their goals in life. Drunk driving is a real problem, responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Installing an interlock device on your car can help prevent any further DUI charges. Even more important, it may save lives, including your own. People who are considering installing one may hesitate when they think of car breathalyzer prices, but many companies will allow you to make convenient monthly payments.

Why install a car breathalyzer?
You may have been ordered by a court to install an ignition interlock in your car

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Looking for a New or Used Car? Find the Right Dealership for You


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Are you looking for a brand new car, now that your old vehicle has lost its functionality? Perhaps you are looking for a decent pre-owned automobile that is also reasonably priced. You may just find that Subaru car dealers in your area can provide you with a quality lease on a new car or a used Subaru for sale.

When considering a particular brand of car for purchase, it can be helpful to do some additional research on the company in question. Subaru is owned by Fuji Heavy Industries, which began in 1915 under the name The Aircraft Research Laboratory. Interestingly, Subaru’s branding is closely linked to astronomy. The company’s name means “Pleiades” in Japanese, and the logo itself is of this star format

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Essential Advice About Radiator Hose Clamps


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Whether we are talking about heavy duty hose clamps or small hose clamps, hose clamps are one of those things that nobody really thinks about, but are essentially for innumerable purpose. From dryer vent hose to radiator hoses, hose clamps make some of our most basic daily tasks possible.

While heavy duty hose clamps are vital to the daily operations of manufacturing companies, their most common use might be to secure the radiator hose in our automobiles. Few people realize it, but those little hose clamps holding their radiator hoses in place make it possible for their cars to run properly. In the event that the radiator hose clamps under your car’s hood

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Used car dealerships in rochester ny —- Watch Video



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Do You Know How to Find and Use an Auto Repair Shop?


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Whether your car just needs some of its systems flushed out, or complete auto repair from wheels to engine to wiring, visiting a repair shop for the first time can be a little bit daunting. Almost everyone knows someone who has had a bad experience with auto repair, and the thought of entrusting your vehicle to someone who knows much more about it than you do can make you feel at a real disadvantage. If you think you could use a little preparation, then here is your guide to selecting and using a local auto repair shop.

1. Choose a shop based on quality.

You won’t have to worry so much about the repairs that you need, or the outcome, if you take some time to select a shop with a good reputation. You can narrow down your options by looking for reviews, or getting referrals from trusted f

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Automotive maintenance —- [YouTube Video]


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Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Change Your Oil


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You should know that there’s nothing wrong with cheap oil changes. In fact, if your car doesn’t need synthetic oil, then cheap oil changes should truly be the standard. However, if you’re paying rock bottom prices at a shady auto shop, you could end up paying the difference in problems down the line. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to choose a good auto repair services shop so that you can get the best oil changes for your vehicle.

Unnecessary Oil Changes

How often should you change your oil? This is a question that most people ask their auto shop, but the real answer is in your car owner manual. An unscrupulous auto shop may push you to be getting an oil change every three months, or ever

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Motorcycle parts online —- YouTube



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Tire sales puyallup —- Free Video


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