When The Time Is Right to Intall a Car Breathalyzer


It is an unfortunate truth that American roads are not always safe to drive on, and drunk driving is a tragically common occurrence that can threaten both life and limb to drivers and pedestrians alike on the roads. Distracted drivers are also in issue: those who are preoccupied with an electronic device instead of paying attention to the road and other traffic, and distracted drivers are often too late to notice and react to developments on the road, which often causes them to hit oncoming traffic (or prevents them from seeing stray cars), or causes them to hit pedestrians and also run red lights and stop signs. For this reason, using cell phones while driving is often illegal. But in the case of drunk driving, there are steps that courts can take to help prevent a DUI convict from committing this crime again. Often, getting a DUI means that a criminal defense lawyer will argue for using ignition interlock devi

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From Green Benefits To Increased Safety Why More Companies Are Relying On GPS Fleet Tracking Systems


Everyone wants to save a little money. Businesses, customers, entrepreneurs-to-be…you name it. The tricky thing about cash, though, is it always finds ways to get away from you.

When you work in transportation you’re likely aware of the money that slips away here and disappears there. Gas, bad weather, a delay…one way or another, you’re going to lose some precious cash that could’ve gone to something else. With fleet GPS tracking systems you don’t have to worry anymore. Designed to track everything, from the liter to the mile, fleet gps tracking systems make sure you have more control over your industry. Better yet, it sets you up for success in the future by letting you reroute that money where it needs to be.

Just how useful is the GPS tracking system? Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy as soon as you install.

History Of The GPS System

The GPS is commonly associated with telling the time or providing directions.

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Have You Ever Purchased a Touch Up Paint Kit for Your Vehicle?


The stories are so funny that they often go on for hours. In fact, every time that your adult children gather they revisit the crazy tales of their driving adventures. From barely avoiding speeding tickets to helping each other learn how to use automotive touch up paint for minor scratches, all four of your children have some kind of story to contribute. When the whole group talks about the touch up paint for BMWs that they ordered online while their parents were away on vacation, the story starts and stops as the contagious laughter interrupts.

With a neighbor who was a trained professional in the automotive touch up business, all of your children realized at a young age that this was a thing. Never allowed to do more than closely watch as their neighbor worked on vehicles in his garage and on his driveway, the kids watched as the automotive artist magically make both small and large scratches disappear with the use of his talents.

The kids also realized that one of the real s

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Taking A Look At Buying A Car Here In The United States


Owning a car – or at least leasing one – is a must for many people here in the United States. After all, cars and other such motor vehicles provide reliable forms of transportation where none others exist. While city and urban areas often have extensive systems of public transportation, including trains and buses alike, such systems are typically not available in most other parts of this country, especially in those that are particularly rural. For such people and such families, the need to own a car is a must to be able to do the everyday tasks of life.

Of course, city dwellers are also likely to have a desire to buy a car, at least at some point in their lives. For while systems of public transportation can be very useful and helpful when it comes to getting from place to place, using them for every single trip, likely every single day, can be quite tiring indeed. Taking public transportation often takes much longer than simply driving, and delays are frequently experienced no m

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Taking A Closer Look At The Automotive World Of The United States And All Across The Globe


All throughout the United States, car ownership is a must for a huge percentage of adults of all backgrounds, all ages, and all different kinds of lifestyles. This can be attributed to the ease and convenience that owning a car allows you to get from one place to the next. In places that are without any kind of viable system of public transportation, owning a car or at least leasing one can be the only viable way to travel considerably distances, especially when things are more spaced out in rural areas than they are in more densely populated suburban and urban ones.

Even people who have ample access to a system of public transportation often choose car ownership instead of using it. For while such public transit accessibility can be very much convenient for a wide variety of purposes, using it for a daily commute can be less than time efficient. After all, such systems of public transportation have a large number of stops, meaning that it will take you longer to get from point A

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Some Families Have Certain Cars That They Purchase Again and Again


Currently, your family has four cars. One of them is paid for in full and the other other three are leases. Unfortunately, all three of the leases are over on miles. As a result, you often find yourself looking for great car rental options when you are getting ready for high milage trips. With the use of affordable car rentals, you are able to keep extra miles off your car and still not spend a fortune.

Your favorite car rental is a four door coupe that gets great milage. In your family, you love the Hyundai Genesis coupe interior and the other accessories that are available. From the leather shift knobs to the heated steering wheels, your family has gotten used to a certain level of comfort, to it should come as no surprise that you are looking for some of these same features in the rentals that you find.

On the outside, your husband and son love the style provided by the Genesis coupe front split

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Tips On The Different Hose Clamps Used For DIY Plumbing Projects


There are specific projects in plumbing that require you do it yourself to ensure you get the job done as intended. Plumbing cost vary considerably based on the difficulty of the task and the quality of the services you enlist to help you out—there are specific projects that are simply not worth paying the expensive out-of-pocket cost if there’s a more accessible, cost-effective alternative available to solve the issue. When considering DIY plumbing projects, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary materials and means available to complete the task correctly, here are a few tips to help make your DIY project easier.

Types of Hose Clamps

DIY plumbing projects often require a variety of different materials for specific areas that may need more attention than other parts. Typically, DIY projects entail numerous times where unscrewing and tightening are a primary factor in completing the job, for many, there are often ill-prepared when undergoing this tediou

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Why Getting Your Car Repaired in a Shop is Safer Than DIY


Getting a car fixed is a natural part of life. Even if you take good care of your vehicle, it will need repairs at some point. Over 75% of cars have a problem that requires fixing. Many people think the best way to manage this is to try and do it themselves. This could be anything from a paint job to auto glass repair. While it’s understandable that car owners would want to save money, it’s not feasible in the long run. If you have problems with your car, you’re better off going to a body shop. Here’s three reasons why and the importance of doing so.

Windshield Cracks Can Give You More Than You Bargained For

Windshield cracks are a problem that starts off small but can grow bigger. Perhaps you kicked up a rock while driving and didn’t expect anything to come of it. The next thing you know, your crack has grown even wider. Over 50% of cracks that happen to the windshield grow into a long crack. This can be risky to replace and result in long-term damage to

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3 Reasons to Purchase a Vehicle Paint Kit


Taking care of a vehicle means practicing proper maintenance. Considering that, many drivers know the pain of seeing a scratch on their vehicle’s paint. Before taking your automobile into a body shop, you’ll want to think about touching up vehicle paint yourself. With that in mind, here are three wise reasons to purchase vehicle touch up paint.

  • Repairing Damage to Your Vehicle’s Paint

    Unfortunately, there are many ways for your vehicle’s paint to receive damage. A recent Direct Line survey found that 52% of all vehicle damage is from either keying or scratched paint. Fortunately, you can fix many types of damage by purchasing an auto touch up paint kit. After using this kit, you’ll avoid having to look at unsightly paint damage.
  • Avoiding Expensive Body Shop Paint Work

    While dealing with automotive paint damage, you might be tempted to bring your vehicle into a body shop. Be warned, you’re likely to receive an expens
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6 Mistakes People Make That Kill Their Car


The American love affair with the car has been going on nearly a century. The problem is that as much as people around the country profess to love their cars, they do not always take care of basic maintenance. People are often more interested in how to make their car go faster and have more power. Car owners who have Subarus may be looking for Subaru upgrades, for instance. The thing is that if you want your Subaru performance to be better, there are some simple things you can do to, aside from getting Subaru aftermarket parts to keep it healthy and happy.

  1. Do not ignore your parking brake. This is a common problem. Many people never use it at all. It can be a real asset when you park on any kind of incline. When you do this, your transmission is put under an enormous amount of stress. The key part that is doing all of the work there is the “parking pawl
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