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The Right Parts For Your Import Car


The auto industry is one of the largest in the entire world today, and that may not come as a surprise. Everyone needs a way to get around for work or pleasure, and if they aren’t taking public transport, then they are driving sedans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and jeeps. This also leads to a robust market for aftermarket parts for popular brands such as Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and more. An American car owner may want to look for import tuner parts in their area, or Subaru performance parts for their vehicle. These import tuner parts may be found at local retailers or online catalogs, and import tuner parts may be just what the owner of a Japanese or South Korean car may need. The American west coast is a popular place for these import tuner parts and their matching cars, since the Pacific Ocean is a major trading route for North America, Asia, and Australia. What might a modern American car owner consider for their Sub

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Performance Parts and Aftermarket Accessories for All Makes and Models of Cars


Performance parts are available from many different brands to help upgrade any automobile. Luckily, performance parts and aftermarket accessories do not need to be made specifically by your auto manufacturer in order for them to fit and work properly. Given the nature of the automotive manufacturing industry increasing at the rate of about 3% per year, that leaves room for growth in the performance parts market as well.

One Very Popular Brand: WRX Performance Parts

Many consumers look to upgrade and automate their cars, sometimes with the highest level performance parts. Customization can be something as simple as appearance, while it may also be power or performance. This is most often something done for show cars, with the ability to add anything from speed or power to simple beauty there are performance and replacement parts of gr

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Finding Great Parts for Your Hyundai or Subaru


The automotive industry is one of the biggest in the world, along with the textiles and food industries, and millions of cars are built and sold around the world. And while many new and used cars are sold at dealers or private party transactions, the auto industry also includes the aftermarket parts industry and auto repair and maintenance. All together, this makes for an impressive industry that many millions of car owners around the world need for their vehicles. Brands such as South Korea’s Hyundai and Japan’s Subaru, just to name two, have many models and aftermarket parts on the market, and Hyundai performance parts may never be far away. A customer may look online for new parts to install on their car, such as “Hyundai performance upgrades” or “Subaru aftermarket parts San Diego CA” to get started. Someone who’s not a skilled car enthusiast may take their vehicle to a shop tha

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The Nation’s Roads and Bridges Play Essential Roles in America’s Transportation Industry


Duramax diesel, Cummins lift pumps, aftermarket performance parts. During the third week in March none of those things mattered. With every road in and out of town flooded, it simply did not matter how nice of a car or how big of a truck that you had. When flood waters worse than anything that had been seen in half a century isolated some cities in Nebraska, only boats, planes, and helicopters did any good.

As the midwest begins to make plans for what they will do after the waters recede, there are plenty of people who want to help. Much of the help has to wait, however, until the roads are once again open.

Americans Rely on Cars, Trucks, and SUVs Every Day of Their Lives

In this time of consumers demanding better fuel economy and more leg room we sometimes forget that it is not really the options on our vehicles that matter the most. Without a reliable infrastructure of roads, bridges, and overpasses even th

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How to Choose Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


An electric car charging station has become a major asset for electric car drivers wishing to maximize their electric car or plugin hybrid experience. Most recently, there was the introduction of level 2 chargers that charges up to 7 times faster than the level 1 station. With the growth in the electric car market, there has been a significant increase in the number of electric car charging station brands available in the market. This has created a new challenge where ev owners do not know what look for when trying to choose the best commercial ev charging stations. When you buy electric car charging station, below are some of the key considerations for home chargers.

Charging Speed
When choosing a home electric car charging station, the charging speed is dependent on two major factors-the amperage of the charger and the car acceptance rate measured in kW. Currently, majority of electric vehicles have a maximum power acceptance of 7.2 kW or less. However, us

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5 Tips to Remember While Using Touch up Paint


Before purchasing an automobile, many buyers want to choose a vehicle that’s the right color. Research from color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart found that, since 2006, white remains the most popular car color choice throughout North America. However, many auto manufacturers create vehicles in a wide range of colors. Many drivers prefer owning vehicles made by BMW. If you want to keep your new BMW in pristine condition, it’s wise to purchase touch up paint. Here are five important tips to remember before using an automotive paint touch up kit for your BMW.

  • Take Time to Thoroughly Inspect Paint Damage

    Many drivers purchase touch up BMW paint after seeing paint damage that needs to be taken care of. Considering that, this intense focus on a small area of your car could mean you’re ignoring other signs of damage. If you’re ignoring other areas, you might not purchase enough touch up BMW paint. With that in mind, it’s wise to spend extra time closely
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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tractor’s Tires


Across the United States, people earn a living by working as farmers. Research shows that there are over 3 million farmers throughout the United States. In order to run a successful farm, these farmers need to use various types of equipment and machinery. Considering that, many farmers depend on tractors in order to perform various types of farming jobs. If you want this type of farming equipment to remain in optimal condition, it’s important to keep a close eye on the tires of your tractor. Here are four signs it’s time to consider replacing your tractor’s tires.

  • Tires Appear Severely Worn

    You don’t have to be a farming expert to realize when it’s time to purchase replacement tractor tire supplies. With that in mind, you’ll want to closely inspect your tractor’s tires. If you notice that these tires are showing any signs of wear including tears and missing pieces of rubber, it’s time to consider replacing these tires. This type of damage isn’t going
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The Popularity of Recreational Vehicles Within the United States


Power-sports and other types of recreational vehicles are popular within the United States. In 2017, for example, 427,000 motorcycles were purchased. Within the first three months of 2017, slightly less than 41,000 ATVs were sold. During the previous year, however, sport ATVS were in high demand at 180,000 units. It’s interesting to note that snowmobile sales increased in 2018. At that time, as many as 124,786 snowmobiles were purchased in this country. It’s interesting to note that there are over 1.2 million snowmobiles currently registered.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Repair Inspections

In order to keep recreational vehicles in optimal shape, it’s important to have regular maintenance and repair inspections. Recent data indicates that a large percentage of vehicles are in need of either maintenance or repairs; this amounts to roughly 77% of the vehicles currently on the road. In terms of automotive repairs, four-fifths of these needed repairs pertain to

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What You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Valet Parking In The United States


Here in the United States, many people live in cities of considerable size, spread all over the country as a whole. However, many of these people also own cars, as traveling from place to place via car is often easier than nearly any other form of transportation. But when you live in a big city – or really any city, for that matter – this can become more trouble than it’s worth, or at least feel like it.

This is due to the fact that parking in big cities can be incredibly difficult to find. This can be seen particularly clearly when we look at the data surrounding parking in New York City, where things are particularly bad. In New York City, the data shows that the typical driver is actually likely to spend more than a full 100 hours simply looking for parking over the course of a year. On average throughout the entirety of the country, the typical driver will only spend just over 15 hours (around 17, to be just a little bit more precise) in this same quest.

And the monetary

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