6 Mistakes People Make That Kill Their Car


The American love affair with the car has been going on nearly a century. The problem is that as much as people around the country profess to love their cars, they do not always take care of basic maintenance. People are often more interested in how to make their car go faster and have more power. Car owners who have Subarus may be looking for Subaru upgrades, for instance. The thing is that if you want your Subaru performance to be better, there are some simple things you can do to, aside from getting Subaru aftermarket parts to keep it healthy and happy.

  1. Do not ignore your parking brake. This is a common problem. Many people never use it at all. It can be a real asset when you park on any kind of incline. When you do this, your transmission is put under an enormous amount of stress. The key part that is doing all of the work there is the “parking pawl.” The parking brake takes the pressure off by locking the wheels. Rather than making costly Subaru upgrades, make your transmission happy and use the parking brake more often. One last thing on this point, turn off this brake before you drive the car. That is another mistake people make with this.
  2. Stop your car before your switch gears. Many people want to keep their cars going a long time but do not take the steps to make that happen. Most people have had this experience. They are coasting backward out of their driveway when they shift into drive. By doing this small thing, you are taking months, at the very least, off of your transmission’s lifespan. Think of all the time you take away from its life when you do this once a day. This small action can also damage your gears, brakes, and drive shafts. Take a few more minutes to wait for the car is stopped to move into drive.
  3. Lay off the brakes when you are driving downhill. Many people feel safer if they have their foot on the brake pedal while they go down an incline. You can really jump-start the wear and tear on your brakes this way. Another thing you can do, that will do less damage is to go back and forth between braking and then taking your foot off of the break. This is just as safe for you and your brake system.
  4. Do not let the oil go unchecked and unchanged. Some people are in a hurry to get Subaru upgrades but never take the time to check and change the oil in their car. At a minimum, the oil in a car needs to be checked every five thousand miles. Many people rely on their “check oil” light to do something but that is a mistake. A lot can be going on with your oil and depending on how you use your car, you may need to change it out long before your light does anything. This is one of the simplest things you can do for your car.
  5. Did you know there is a right and wrong way to start your car? Well, there is. A lot of the wear and tear on your car, just like your computer, happens when it is started. By not also starting the sound system, heater or air conditioner, wipers, or anything else, when you initially start the car, you will do wonders for your engine. It is a common practice, especially in cold parts of the world, to rev the engine when it is first turned on. This may make sense to many people but it can also damage the car. Your car loves in when you give it between 30 and 60 seconds to wake up before turning everything on.
  6. Hey, car, what did you just say? Motor vehicles can make a lot of sounds. Many are normal and some are not. As you drive your car, get to know it and the sounds it makes. That way when it starts to do something new or unexpected, you can deal with it sooner than later.

There is nothing wrong with Subaru upgrades but these simple tips will extend your car’s life.

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