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Tips On The Different Hose Clamps Used For DIY Plumbing Projects


There are specific projects in plumbing that require you do it yourself to ensure you get the job done as intended. Plumbing cost vary considerably based on the difficulty of the task and the quality of the services you enlist to help you out—there are specific projects that are simply not worth paying the expensive out-of-pocket cost if there’s a more accessible, cost-effective alternative available to solve the issue. When considering DIY plumbing projects, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary materials and means available to complete the task correctly, here are a few tips to help make your DIY project easier.

Types of Hose Clamps

DIY plumbing projects often require a variety of different materials for specific areas that may need more attention than other parts. Typically, DIY projects entail numerous times where unscrewing and tightening are a primary factor in completing the job, for many, there are often ill-prepared when undergoing this tediou

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A Brief History of the Hose Clamp


Embossed clamp assembly

There are a lot of tools that we all use for our projects and around the house whose we do not know. For example, there are a lot of kinds of hose clamps that we can use for a wide variety of things. When were large hose clamps developed?

When it comes to large hose clamps, the history is pretty long. Evidence has been found that shows they were used as early as 500 BC. That is when Herodotus, a historian, mentioned the tools. He did not refer exactly to of the types of hose clamps directly but talked about a tube that was stitched together with different kinds of skins such as raw oxhides. This tube was used to move water from a river to places where that water would be stored. The early hose clamps were important to keep th

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