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Are You Looking for an Affordable Car Lease?


This is the last six months when your three car garage will be full of three vehicles. You will still be making three lease payments, but one of the cars will be at college with your youngest daughter. After selecting a school that is 12 hours away from home, you knew that your daughter would need to have her car with her. The fact that her car is a fairly new lease with limited miles means that you are confident that she will have a reliable set of wheels while she is away from home. The fact that your three car garage now only has two cars, however, is one of the most exciting parts of this latest transition.

If you are like most families with three or more drivers, you are likely accustomed to shuffling cars. From moving cars in and out of a crowded garage into an equally crowded drive way to juggling the milage limitations on one or two cars that you have leased, there are many times when it is important to make sure that you are tracking your space and your miles.


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The Five Best Tips For The Brand New Car Buyer Avoiding Fraud, Buying Used And More


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Buying a car for the first time? No worries!

Everyone has to start somewhere. What you should be thinking about the most is how to get the most positive car buying experience possible. This means brushing up on your technical knowledge, figuring out your budget and taking a look at the most popular brands on the market. Even if you just got your license you can stay a few steps ahead of the pack by checking out which ways the wind is blowing. Once you’re done reading you’ll be more than equipped to approach your auto dealer with a smile on your face.

Without further ado, let’s parse the difference between used Fords and used Toyotas to get you that coveted first purchase!

When In Doubt, Go Used

You’re probably budgeting a lot of money. The last thing you n

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