Get a Better Lease Deal on a Car


Not all cars that are driven off the sales lot are purchased in the traditional manner. Car lease deals are often a great way for a customer to get a desirable car for a good price on the sort term, without the expenses properly buying it. Car leases are effectively extended car rentals. Many car makes and models may be available for lease, such as at Ford dealers. Denver Ford dealers can work with customers in Colorado, and Ford trucks and other cars may be leased at dealers from California to Massachusetts. Ford Explorer lease deals, for example, may be a convenient and cost efficient way for a customer to get a Ford that they want for the short term, and on any Ford dealership, Ford Explorer lease deals may be had, and a new car can be driven right off the lot. Leasing a car is still a substantial financial investment, though, so a customer looking for Ford Explorer lease deals or similar brands should know what he or she should do to get the best car for the fairest price, for the right span of time. Car lease deals involve paperwork, but they don’t have to be a confusing mess of fees and agreements.

Customers and Cars

Cars are a massive industry, along with trucks to form the automotive industry. Ford, for example, has found itself in a good position within this industry. In 2015, for example, this company received nearly $150 billion in revenue, which represents a $4 billion increase from 2014′s $144 billion. Among all car brands, Ford is currently ranked as the most valuable, and around the world, Ford is in fifth place among car brands. And for purchasing or leasing a car, customers prefer to visit a lot in person to look over the cars and talk to the dealers, and walking in remains the most popular form of initial contact. Sometimes, though, car shoppes will go online, and on the Internet, they will most often check car prices, find vehicles listed for sale by dealers, compare different models withe each other, determine the value of their current car, and find a local dealer and get info on it, among other activities. As for car leases, brands such as Ford and others are ready to strike up lease deals with customers, and Ford Explorer lease deals, among others, can be very lucrative.

Navigating a Lease

According to Nerd Wallet, there are several simple, sensible steps for car lease customers to follow to get the best deal. First of all, the customer should know that he or she is paying for the car’s depreciation, tax, interest, and fees. This means that cars that hold their value better and depreciate less are better investments. A car with strong residual value may be a better deal, and the higher the percentage of the car’s current value compared to its original value, the better, and the lower the monthly lease will be.

Also, customers can simply seek out dealers who are trying to sell slow-moving cars by offering special lease deals to customers, such as offering lower interest rates, but customers should still check to make sure that the down payment isn’t too high, or else the deal may be effectively negated. Research online can also help a customer find the fair market price of a particular car, such as in Ford Explorer lease deals, and sue this info to negotiate a fair lease deal at the dealership. Then, without telling the dealer that he/she specifically intends to lease a car, the customer can ask the dealer for a quote on a desired car, asking for the best sales price. The overall price, though, may be different than the car’s invoice price, so a customer should check to see if a car is being sold above or under its invoice price. Even if a car’s total price may be higher than that of a very similar car, the more expensive car may be offered at a price lower than its invoice price, making it the better deal after all. Overall price relative to the invoice price is the best way to see which car is actually the best deal, as opposed to the final price’s number.

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