Learn More About Truck Tie Down Anchors and Other Gear to Secure Your Load


Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the United States. Whether they’re purchased for recreational purposes or for work, roughly 18% of the vehicles sold in this country are pickup trucks. As of 2017, light trucks such as pickups, SUVs, and vans had been outselling cars for five years in a row. These sales accounted for a market share of 64.5%. Furthermore, 2017 was the year when 17 million of these light vehicles were sold. As a result, this constituted an historical sales record.

Accidents Caused by Errant Debris

When equipment and other materials are being hauled in trucks, they need to be properly secured. According to AAA’s four-year study, 200,000 crashes were caused by errant debris. Truck cargo that was improperly secured caused roughly 66% of these crashes. The study also found that 39,000 people were injured and 500 lost their lives in crashes that were caused by dangerous debris.

Working Load Limits and the Appropriate Restraints

If truck drivers are hauling cargo heavy cargo, the appropriate Working Load Limits (WLL) need to be considered. Webbed cargo straps, for example, need to be unmarked, in good condition, and rated at 1,000 WLL per inch of width. It’s also vital to keep the “weakest link” theory in mind. When truck drivers have a 4,000 pound chain along with a 3,000 pound hook, this system will only be as effective as its weakest link.

Truck Tie Down Anchors and Other Essential Gear

Whether you haul equipment, tree trimmings, or other items, you’re going to need a variety of gear to protect your load and keep it secure. The type of anchoring gear you need will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the make and model of your truck, the size of its bed, and what you’re hauling. You may, for example, want to opt for truck down down straps, truck tie down anchors, retractable anchors, or bull ring tie downs. Another option may be stake pocket tie downs. Once you have the appropriate gear to secure your load, you’ll be able to transport it with confidence.

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