Why You Should Consider Machine Shop Repair Service and How it Can Help


If you work with machines and tools on a daily basis, you know firsthand how much wear and tear they go through. Of course, it makes common sense to try and preserve the life of your items for as long as possible with preventative care. Keeping items dry, out of the elements, and putting them away after use ensures your tools are around to give you many years of service. But what if one breaks and you need to get it fixed now? Here are a few reasons why you should consider repair over buying them brand new.

You’ll Save Money With Machine Shop Repair Costs

You’ll save money when you get your items repaired rather than buying them new. While buying brand new machines might seem like a sure-fire way to ensure they’ll work, repairing your current ones shouldn’t be discounted. Sometimes the repairs are as simple as making sure parts are well-lubricated and practicing better preventative care in the future. Before you rule out getting something fixed, take it in

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3 Ways to Give Your Subaru More Power


Owning a car of your own feels great, especially when it’s made by a company you trust. With that in mind, many drivers prefer to remain behind the wheel of a Subaru. That being said, many of these people are wanting Subaru aftermarket parts. These parts can help you achieve many goals as an automobile owner, including increasing your top speed. In this post, you’ll learn how to increase the power of your Subaru WRX.

The Popularity of the Subaru WRX

Statistics show that 59,841 Subaru automobiles were sold throughout the United States in June 2018. Considering that, there’s no doubt that Subaru remains extremely popular throughout America. One of the most popular Subaru models is the WRX. First launched throughout North America in 2000. Many automobile owners have been purchasing the fourth generation Subaru WRX, released in 2015.

Giving Your Subaru WRX More Power

In order to increase the speed of your vehicle, you’ll need a new turbo and certain other Subaru

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Make Your Business Better With Increased Safety and Organization


We have more cars in the United States than any other country in the world, with 300 million vehicles. The next closest is China, with only 78 million. This means, of course, that there’s plenty of work for the auto industry — from manufacturers, to motor vehicle and parts retailers, to the auto tools industry, and more. One car has around 30,000 parts, so parts retailers are kept busy, as are shops, and the places that supply them, like tool distributors. Keeping shops safe and efficient can be tough when you’re busy and working towards deadlines on a daily basis, but making it a priority can actually help you streamline work and keep your employees safer. Work tools and power tools, like the GM fan clutch tool, after all, are responsible for almost 400,000 visits to the emergency room annually. We’ll discuss the benefits of safety first, how you can achieve it, and why keeping the right tools for the job on hand is crucial.

Here’s Why You Should Be Prioritizing Safety

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Here’s 3 Tips to Keeping Your Shop Organized


So much happens in a day that it can be tough to keep everything organized. But when you’re in the middle of a project and the wrench isn’t where it’s supposed to be or you’ve forgotten to order more vacuum bags, the lack of organization can make things frustrating and inconvenient. We’re happy to help offer tips and tricks to keep your shop and tools more organized so you can get the job done. We’ll also suggest ways to keep your shop more comfortable and pleasant to work in. From getting a wrench organizer to a 20 inch oscillating pedestal fan or a roller cabinet tool box, your shop might not be recognizable by the time you’re done! But it’s safe to say that you’ll feel better, work more efficiently, and have the right tools for the job at your fingertips.

How Can I Stay More Organiz

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How to Correctly Use A Paint Touch up Kit


If your car has gotten scratches or nicks, you really want to do something to protect the integrity of the paint and make sure that the car does not rust. Scratches and dents are not something that get talked about a whole lot, but 52% of reported car damage, according to a Direct Line survey, is from keying or from scratches in the paint. For many people, a paint touch up kit can be the answer to fixing smaller scratches, dents, and dings. An auto touch up paint kit is easy to acquire, but it is important to know how to use a paint touch up kit correctly.

Make Sure Your Paint Matches

The most important first step is getting a paint touch up kit that matches your paint job exactly. There are several ways to do this. First, it’s possible to look at the label along the inner wall of the driver side door of your vehicle and look for the paint code. You can then go to an auto supply store and

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Why Proper Machine Tool Repair is Vital


A machine tool is used for shaping and machining metal or similar materials that are rigid and otherwise difficult to shape. Machine tools can be very expensive and intricate making their care and upkeep important.

For example, keeping your tools dry and limiting their exposure to the elements will help them last longer and stay in better condition. Properly cleaning themon a regular basis will prevent build up that can cause serious damage to the tool causing it to work poorly.

Machine tools have been around for a long time. The first of their kind were the bow lathe and bow drill, and the original ones were handcrafted tools dating back to 1200 B.C. Machine tools conduct a range of functions that essentially all work to remove material from a specific area. For example, a machine tool can do threading, boring, turning, and facing. Each of which produce a specific shape by taking away material.

These tools n

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What Is a Cobra Kit?


Anyone who can appreciate the throaty growl of a Shelby Mustang GT 500 can also appreciate the genius behind the perennial American favorite. The Shelby Mustang GT shares its DNA with the cobra kits devised by none other than automotive legend Carroll Shelby.

What Is A Cobra Kit?

Simply put, a cobra kit allows the builder to create their Shelby roadster replicas straight from a kit. A true replica will have a Ford Motor Company Big Block or similar. True Shelby purists will sometimes refer to the kit cars as “fauxbras” if they lack even one genuine Ford Motor Company part.

Genuine replicas created from kits can fetch upwards of five figures if they are in pristine condition. Lesser kit-based creations will sometimes languish in garages or

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Treating Someone Special with a Limousine Service


Limousine services may be used most commonly for corporate pickups and newly married couples, but they are also available for a variety of events and venues. Booking a limousine for a group is a nice way to make guests and associates feel catered to, letting them know that they are deserve to be pampered. Here are three occasions where you can treat someone special by picking them up by limo.

Wine Tour

If you’re planning a special event, such as a bachelorette party or birthday, your experience should begin the moment you leave the house. Why not organize for a limo service to transport you and your group on a wine tour? The best limo service will be available for the entirety of your service and can take you to remote, boutique wineries that are off the beaten path. Renting a limousine with chauffeur will also mean not needing to coordinate with a designated driver or needing to finagl

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A Peek Inside The World Of Car Racing In The United States


Cars and other such motor vehicles, from the muscle car to the ac cobra replica, have long been prized in the United States, as well as in many other places all throughout the entirety of the world as a whole. Cars provide a great deal of functionality, it is true, getting us from one place to another in a relatively rapid manner. And this is hugely important, it cannot be denied. But cars and other such motor vehicles are more than just a method of transportation for so many all throughout the United States. Cars not only serve a purpose, but they provide a passion. From fifty years in the past to this, the current date, cars and other such motor vehicles, from the ac cobra replica for sale to the shelby cobra kit, have remained beloved by many, a passion that has withstood the test of

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Car Scratch? Determine How Deep Before you Paint


One of the most common forms of reported damage to motor vehicles is scratched paint–whether from an accident, keying, or general wear and tear on the car. Before you grab a can of Mazda touch up paint and start filling in the places where the damage is visible, it’s important to take stock of the extent of the damage.

Scratches to car paint are ranked from 1A (being a hard-to-see imperfection on the clear coat) to 4. Level 1A and 1B scuffs may appear to be damages to the paint itself but are actually scratches in the clear coat, often as a result of swirl marks at an automatic car wash. These can usually be polished or buffed away, as they occur less than 2 millimeters below the surface.

Level 2 scuffs occur on the paint level just below the clear coat. You’ll be able to tell because there’s a visible scratch

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