That Crack In Your Windshield Isn’t Just Unsightly Buffing Out Safety Hazards At Your Auto Body Shop


Feel that change in the air? It’s going to get colder and wetter from here…and you’re going to want to keep reading so your car doesn’t bear the brunt of it.

Auto body repair is becoming a popular obligation for car owners and homeowners today. Face it…it’s a huge hassle constantly repairing dents from hail when you’ve got chores to finish and holiday shopping to navigate. The weather is going to do what it wants, so the best thing you can do to keep your car in-tact is to pick up some simple tips on recognizing damage and buffing it out. Alongside repairing dents from hail you should be critical toward damaged glass, scratched car doors, and potentially large dents that could result in internal damage.

Here are five signs you should drop by your local auto body services and ask for a check-up.

Repairing Dents From Hail Is Short And Easy

It’s demoralizing going up to your car in the morning and finding it covered in little dents. Fortunately for you, repairing dents from hail is all in a day’s work for the average auto body repair services. Professionals are able to reverse damage from a particularly windy and rainy day with a series of tools that essentially ‘pull’ the metal back into place. A car damaged by hail can look rather unsightly, so turning to an experienced party to go about repairing dents from hail will save you hours of thankless work. It’s not just dents you should be worried about, either.

Little Cracks In Glass Can Become Big Problems

Do you have a crack in your windshield or side door? It’s best you solve that now, as it could spread and cause a safety hazard in a matter of days. Over half of all windshield cracks and replacements are from cracks that have grown between seven to 12 inches long. Hail can damage glass easily and leave you in a position not just to buff out dents, but figure out whether your windshield can be salvaged. It’s possible to repair a windshield with a small enough crack, but anything longer might require a completely new replacement.

Recognize The Different Types Of Damage

You can go out of your way to determine what to expect when visiting an auto body repair shop. There are six types of windshield breaks that your car can go through. You have the surface pit, combination break, half moon, bullseye, regular cracks and star breaks. Over 90% of stone breaks (stars and bullseyes) in windshields will never fully crack (which are also called floater cracks). Glass is a somewhat unpredictable element and even reliable cracks can still not spread, for reasons relating to the purity of the material and how often you drive.

Prepare For Common Road Hazards

It’s also important to keep an eye out for common road hazards. The three most common causes of car accidents in the United States are distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding. The four main causes of auto body damage include fender benders, negligence, the weather, and high speed collisions. Visiting your auto body repair shop to start repairing dents from hail and look into tire rotation might be killing two birds with one stone. You can never be too careful on the open road.

Reach Out To Auto Body Repair This Winter

There’s always a good reason to drop by your local auto body repair shop. A recent survey analyzing the state of American cars found nearly 80% of all vehicles on the road were in need of active maintenance or repairs. It’s estimated there’s a rear end collision on American roads every eight seconds or so. Even minor damage to your windshield can compromise your ability to drive or spot pedestrians, putting you and everyone else at risk. Dent repair and glass repair is both a way to keep your car looking good…and a way to stay safe.

When you start to sense a change, it helps to react sooner rather than later. Get your car fixed the right way at an auto body repair shop.

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