4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Tractor’s Tires


Across the United States, people earn a living by working as farmers. Research shows that there are over 3 million farmers throughout the United States. In order to run a successful farm, these farmers need to use various types of equipment and machinery. Considering that, many farmers depend on tractors in order to perform various types of farming jobs. If you want this type of farming equipment to remain in optimal condition, it’s important to keep a close eye on the tires of your tractor. Here are four signs it’s time to consider replacing your tractor’s tires.

  • Tires Appear Severely Worn

    You don’t have to be a farming expert to realize when it’s time to purchase replacement tractor tire supplies. With that in mind, you’ll want to closely inspect your tractor’s tires. If you notice that these tires are showing any signs of wear including tears and missing pieces of rubber, it’s time to consider replacing these tires. This type of damage isn’t going to correct itself. In addition, this type of damage will only worsen with the passage of time.
  • Experiencing Difficulties While Driving on Inclines

    Many farmers spend their days working across large plots of land. Therefore, this means that farmers usually need to drive their tractors up inclines. If you notice your tractor is beginning to have a hard time making it up these inclines, it’s time to think about purchasing tractor tire supplies. In turn, having new tractor tires will allow you to have less difficulty while traveling uphill.
  • Constantly Losing Air Pressure

    In order to work properly, tires need to be fully inflated. With that in mind, you’ll likely start noticing tractor performances issues while driving with underinflated tires. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for older tractor tires to hold optimal amounts of air. This means that farmers owning old tractor tires often have to spend time keeping these items filled with air. If you want to avoid this time consuming problem, consider purchasing replacement tractor tires.
  • Your Tractor Doesn’t Ride Smoothly

    It’s almost impossible for tractors to ride perfectly smooth. However, noticing that your tractor rides roughly could be a sign that you need new tires. New tires allow tractors to ride as smoothly as possible. As your tractor’s tires age, it affects how smoothly this machine rides. Fortunately, replacing the tires on your tractor will help ensure this machine rides smoothly in the future.

In conclusion, there are several signs you need to replace the tires on your tractor. During 2017, $535 million worth of replacement tire sales took place throughout the United States farming industry. By ordering replacement tractor tire supplies, you can rest assured that you’re able to continue safely working on your farm. Research shows that Firestone owns a 22% market share of the farm tire market throughout the United States. If you’re looking to save money, you can find a wide range of used tractor tires for sale made by Firestone and several other companies.

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