A Brief Love Letter to Car Talk Radio



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By 2012, one car radio show could lay claim to being hosted on 660 stations, and having 3.3 million listeners tuning in every week. That radio show is the Car Talk show, and it is one of my favorite talk shows of all time. I find this show so enjoyable and worth listening to, that I have made it my purpose today to convince you to give it a listen. Without keeping you waiting any longer, here are three reasons why I listen to and love the Car Talk radio show.

  1. It is humorous.
  2. As far as car radio shows go, this one is terribly funny. If you like bad puns, smart mouths, and clever commentary, you will love Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who also go by the names of Click and Clack on their show. Perhaps the best part of the humor is that it often cracks up the hosts more than it does the callers.

  3. It is smart.
  4. The Car Talk hosts really and truly know their subject matter. They are over-educated car mechanics, with degrees from MIT, and the Boston University Graduate School of Management. Ray holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Humanities and Science, and Tom has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. Their car knowledge is occasionally put to the test when they have people that they helped call back to share whether their recommendation was accurate and helpful. Unsurprisingly, their help is usually valuable.

  5. It is accessible.
  6. Click and Clack do an excellent job of explaining car concepts for the lay person. The other accessible aspect is that the show is available on the radio, via podcast, and online. There are 25 years of shows that you can bring up and listen to whenever, and wherever you want to.

If you want a car radio show with real integrity, clever hosts, and good information, then you cannot get much better than Car Talk. Their show is accessible, the information they share is generally spot on, and they make for a very entertaining listen.

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