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Welcome to Car Talk Show Dot Net. I’m your host, Brent Falcon. I’m a car mechanic by day, radio enthusiast by night. I’ve been driving cars, repairing cars, appraising cars, buying and selling cars, and designing cars since I was a young child. That’s no exaggeration! In my hometown during my childhood I was known as “The Burnt Rubber Kid”. I was the only child under ten in the town who could be trusted behind the wheel of a large automobile. They said I was a prodigy, and the mayor issued me my own driver’s license at the age of eight– the youngest age to receive a driver’s license the city had ever seen! I did not abuse the privilege. I have a deep respect for cars and as I grew up I turned my early fame into a path to success in the automotive repair and analysis industry.

I am passionate about car talk shows, and whenever I catch one on my car radio I always call in with a comment or an answer to someone’s troubles. I’ve started up this blog so that the internet can finally have a place for people to come to read about and discuss car-related radio programming and to share their own tips about automobiles and the automotive industry. So rev up those engines and let’s get started!


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