All Batteries Eventually Die, Even the Ones in Your Hybrid



Honda insight ima

In 2012, approximately 2,180,000 hybrids were sold in the United States, according to Statistic Brain. This November, Honda announced the release of its 2014 Honda Insight hybrid model, but many people are still getting use out of their first and second generation models. The Insight has been a popular model since it was released, and in 2012, it sold approximately 209,216 units according to Statistic Brain.

The good things about hybrid vehicles.

  • They are 20% to 35% more fuel efficient than gas powered vehicles.
  • They often qualify for tax incentives.
  • On average, they release 25% to 35% less harmful emissions into the environment.

The Honda Insight hybrid actually used to earn higher EPA fuel economy rates with its first generation vehicle, averaging about 70 miles per U.S. gallon. The Second generation Insight, which is heavier, has a combined 41 MPG fuel economy rating that is still admirable.

The inconvenient truths about hybrid vehicles.

  • Amazing MPG is not guaranteed.
  • The hybrid battery warranty is something you will probably have to use.

Most hybrids have battery warranties that last for either eight years, or 100,000 miles. Research, and user reports, show that the battery life can be as low as six years in some cases. Furthermore, your driving conditions, how you maintain the vehicle, the age and condition of your battery, and other factors can all bring down your MPG.

You might think, “So what if my battery dies? I’ll just get it replaced!” If your battery is still under warranty, then that is of course no big deal. However, if you are out of the warranty, which is common with so many Insight owners keeping their cars for more than their expected lifespan, then you could be in trouble. A Honda Insight battery replacement can cost between $3,000 and $4,000 in the United States if you were to bring it to the dealer.

Don’t lose hope yet! You don’t have to retire your car to the garage until you can afford to buy a new battery, or a new car. The Honda Insight IMA battery is what has originally come with the Honda Insight hybrid since the second generation model. You may find it refreshing to know that there are companies that make brand new IMA battery packs, and others that refurbish hybrid batteries, providing a more cost-effective solution than an automatic trip to the dealer.

Even an older, but still functioning, battery pack can take its toll on the performance of your car, so you may want to get a replacement or a repair even before the battery fails. All that you need to do is be prepared for the inevitable, and knowledgeable about available resources for new and refurbished battery packs. Get more on this here:

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