Are You in the Process of Looking for a New or Used Car?


Americans like to be mobile. In fact, there are many families who have as many cars as they do drivers. Some even have so many cars that they rent an off site storage location so they can keep their vehicles inside when weather gets bad. Interestingly enough, when some of the families who have the most vehicles make the decision to make another purchase they do not necessarily follow any kind of brand loyalty. And while you may have a neighbor who only visits a the closest Dodge service and dealership when he purchases a car for his wife, that same neighbor may make his own driving selections from the closets Jeep dealer.

Although there are many families who might get in the habit of buying or leasing all of their new cars from the same dealership, that loyalty often disappears when a better deal comes along. In fact, the next summer day when you are driving through your neighborhood in the middle of the day check out the number of different kinds of cars that are parked in family garages. You are just as likely to see one garage filled with a variety of cars purchased from a used car dealer as you are to see a driveway that is full of vehicles that were all purchased from the same Dodge service and dealership.

Vehicle Preference Often Follows the Latest Best Deal

Today’s auto dealers face very stiff competition: for price, for service, for customer loyalty. Just as soon as one dealership starts offering significantly reduced long term maintenance packages to their new car buyers, another dealership will follow suit. Although new car sales are one way to get customers on the lot, but regular maintenance and repairs are another important way to make sure that a dealership can guarantee constant traffic on a lot. For example, dealerships across the U.S. wrote more than 316 million repair orders in the year 2017 alone. That same year, total new vehicles sales surpassed $1 trillion. Both of these numbers are significant.

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