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If you’re looking for a car talk radio show to listen to on your way to work or school, there are many to choose from! A lot of the car talk shows that are broadcast in the morning are mostly social, with two or three hosts that talk about local happenings, their own lives, and jokes or funny stories that have happened to them. Some car radio shows focus on national news or celebrity rumors, and some of these shows bring in celebrities for interviews. Most of these car talk shows are local semi celebrities who are invested in the area, but there are some syndicated talk shows, such as the MTV Countdown, which happens once a week. These syndicated shows often focus on the music, but also feature interviews and other news from the celebrity scene.

Most radio shows are focused on entertainment, but there are some lesser known local and syndicated shows that broadcast significant news or focus on larger issues than Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. The subject matter of these shows depends not only on the producer, but also on the audience, the parent networks, and its affiliates. Many people choose “their” show based on their connection to the personages featured. If they find someone’s voice or their syntax annoying, the person is less likely to listen to that show. An audience’s choice of show also depends on their concerns. If they are concerned about international news or large social issues, they are more likely to listen to a show on NPR or a similar station, but if they care about the Emmy’s or the Grammys, they will probably listen to an “I Heart Radio” station.

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December 2021