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All Batteries Eventually Die, Even the Ones in Your Hybrid


Honda insight ima

In 2012, approximately 2,180,000 hybrids were sold in the United States, according to Statistic Brain. This November, Honda announced the release of its 2014 Honda Insight hybrid model, but many people are still getting use out of their first and second generation models. The Insight has been a popular model since it was released, and in 2012, it sold approximately 209,216 units according to Statistic Brain.

The good things about hybrid vehicles.

  • They are 20% to 35% more fuel efficient than gas powered vehicles.
  • They often qualify for tax incentives.
  • On average, they release 25% to 35% less harmful emissions into the environment.

The Honda Insight hybrid actually used to earn higher EPA fuel economy rates with its first generation vehicle, averaging

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