Finding Great Parts for Your Hyundai or Subaru


The automotive industry is one of the biggest in the world, along with the textiles and food industries, and millions of cars are built and sold around the world. And while many new and used cars are sold at dealers or private party transactions, the auto industry also includes the aftermarket parts industry and auto repair and maintenance. All together, this makes for an impressive industry that many millions of car owners around the world need for their vehicles. Brands such as South Korea’s Hyundai and Japan’s Subaru, just to name two, have many models and aftermarket parts on the market, and Hyundai performance parts may never be far away. A customer may look online for new parts to install on their car, such as “Hyundai performance upgrades” or “Subaru aftermarket parts San Diego CA” to get started. Someone who’s not a skilled car enthusiast may take their vehicle to a shop that offers Hyundai performance upgrades or Subaru replacement parts, for example. How might this work? How big is this industry?

Cars Today

The industries for manufacturing and selling cars, and providing their aftermarket parts, is a big one. In 2017 alone, for example, a total of 73 million cars were produced, with the United States, Germany, Japan, and China producing many of those cars. By the end of 2018, experts predicted that 81 million cars would be produced in that year. The United States, Japan, and Germany produce some of the world’s favorite brands such as Ford and Dodge, Volkswagen, and Subaru and Nissan. South Korea has a presence in this market too, with its Hyundai brand often selling well. Meanwhile, around the world, just as many cars both new and used are sold, and some 79 million cars were sold in 2017 alone. Large numbers can also be found in the aftermarket industry as well, with the American automotive aftermarket having a value of $287 billion alone. Around the world, the worldwide auto aftermarket value is expected to reach an impressive $7722.8 billion by the year 2020.

A customer may find just the car that they are looking for when they look online at the catalogs that local dealers have to offer. There, a customer may compare cars based on price, style, performance, features, year, and even paint color. The customer may visit the dealer in person with a good idea of what they want out of a new or used car, and they can look over these cars in person and take them for test drives to be sure. When they are ready for a purchase, the buyer can make use of on-site financing to afford the car, and many dealers are connected to as many as five to 10 different money lending services. Of course, even after a pickup truck or a sedan or SUV has been purchased, the owner may sometimes need repairs done on it, or they may want some upgrades worked in. This is where the aftermarket comes in.

Hyundai Performance Parts and More

A used car will need repairs and maintenance from time to time, and even new cars eventually wear out. A skilled car owner may do this repair work themselves, and others can take their car in to local auto shops for the needed work. Performance parts may be installed to replace worn out old ones, or the car owner may simply want more power and performance in their vehicle to start with. A skilled car enthusiast, meanwhile, might even have their own private garage where they can modify their cars as desired. These enthusiasts may make good use of the auto aftermarket, and a Hyundai owner, for example, may search for trendy Hyundai performance parts online or get references from other car enthusiasts. New engine or transmission parts may boost a vehicle’s horsepower, top speed, handling, and more. The owner may even opt to have a fuel surge tank installed.

At the same time, the car’s aesthetics may be modified. The paint job may be overhauled, and decals may be put onto the car’s body. The owner may choose to put rims on the wheels or install body lights, or even a spoiler. The seat upholstery may be removed and replaced with false or even real leather, too.

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