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Car radio shows are exciting to listen to. They bring together people from a variety of backgrounds, all who enjoy listening to car talk shows and competing in auto racing. There are even competitions among the various car talk radio shows today. In fact, there are 4 major car radio show competition organizations. If you feel that you’d like to be a part of them, you’ll first need to know who they are. While not all of them are going to be available in your area, they do include:
1. IASCA is the oldest and largest car radio show competition organization. Traditionally they have been associated with sound quality competitions but recently they’ve also added the IDBL and SPL categories too.
2. USAC is a major player in the sound off scene. They have 2 competition formats on sound quality and sound pressure level. These are basic and advanced categories.
3. DB Drag Racing was started and led by veteran competitor and sound off legend, Wayne Harris. DB Drag Racing is all about drag racing. This car radio show is actually very exciting to listen to.
4. MECA car radio shows are actually quite new. Their competitors are involved in vehicle modification. They include Amateur, Stock, Modified, Custom and Master categories with SPL classes in each category too.
5. SLAP stands for Sound Looks And its Performance. They have three divisions, including two that are audio related. SLAP dB is the SPL competition. Herein competitors are classed according to the total square inches of their woofers instead of it being based upon power.

If you’d like to compete in any of these competitions, then you’ll need to check to see whether or not you actually qualify. However, before you even do that you should take some time to check out the car audio competition that you’re most interested in participating in. You should also read some magazines that showcase these different competition setups.

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