From Green Benefits To Increased Safety Why More Companies Are Relying On GPS Fleet Tracking Systems


Everyone wants to save a little money. Businesses, customers, entrepreneurs-to-be…you name it. The tricky thing about cash, though, is it always finds ways to get away from you.

When you work in transportation you’re likely aware of the money that slips away here and disappears there. Gas, bad weather, a delay…one way or another, you’re going to lose some precious cash that could’ve gone to something else. With fleet GPS tracking systems you don’t have to worry anymore. Designed to track everything, from the liter to the mile, fleet gps tracking systems make sure you have more control over your industry. Better yet, it sets you up for success in the future by letting you reroute that money where it needs to be.

Just how useful is the GPS tracking system? Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy as soon as you install.

History Of The GPS System

The GPS is commonly associated with telling the time or providing directions. It’s even more diverse than that. The GPS for automobiles was first introduced in the 1990’s, fast becoming a staple of the driving experience and changing the way we interact with our world. Eventually it became an indispensable tool for several companies, particularly those that rely on transportation. It provides cost-saving measures rooted in accuracy and data storage, both of which give you the bigger picture on how your business runs.

Reduce Unnecessary Idling

Do you need to pinpoint what, exactly, is costing you so much money? Unnecessary idling is a great place to start. This term refers to cars sitting in one place for too long, releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere and burning gas without delivering any goods. It’s been found unnecessary idling for just two hours per day squanders nearly $800 per year. Not only that, but it’s notoriously harmful to the environment and might be one of the biggest barriers to a cleaner world.

Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Have you been considering how to cultivate a more green company? Fleet tracking hardware GPS will ensure unnecessary idling isn’t a problem of yours. Idle reduction is not just better for the environment, but illegal in several areas, including government jurisdictions. Fines for non-compliance range from $50 to nearly $2,500, depending. Maintenance costs associated with idling can also be $2 per day for diesel and over $2 per day for turbocharged engines and gasoline engines.

Keep Track Of Delays

Commercial vehicle tracking will also take a bite out of delays, those of which can cause serious ripple effects. Canada experiences heavy snowfall, with Montreal alone relying on over 170 vehicles to clear roads and sidewalks. Being on time is a necessary element to save money in all aspects, best done with extra equipment on your side. You can even increase the safety of your workers. Recent studies have determined a mere 1 km/h decrease in traveling speed can lead to a 3% reduction in road crashes.

The Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Electronic logging devices aren’t just useful. They’re essential to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Snow plow tracking will ensure you’re not being held back by bad weather or slippery roads, keeping your workers safe as they attend to each street and sidewalk. You’ll also avoid the legal and financial repercussions of unnecessary idling. Little by little, all the loose ends in your business will be wrapped up with the aid of superior technology.

Fleet GPS tracking systems are easy to install and even easier to use. Make 2019 your most efficient year yet.

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