How to Choose Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


An electric car charging station has become a major asset for electric car drivers wishing to maximize their electric car or plugin hybrid experience. Most recently, there was the introduction of level 2 chargers that charges up to 7 times faster than the level 1 station. With the growth in the electric car market, there has been a significant increase in the number of electric car charging station brands available in the market. This has created a new challenge where ev owners do not know what look for when trying to choose the best commercial ev charging stations. When you buy electric car charging station, below are some of the key considerations for home chargers.

Charging Speed
When choosing a home electric car charging station, the charging speed is dependent on two major factors-the amperage of the charger and the car acceptance rate measured in kW. Currently, majority of electric vehicles have a maximum power acceptance of 7.2 kW or less. However, using a electric car charging station that has more power output does not necessarily damage your vehicle. The vehicle will only take as much as possible but won’t charge any faster either. The voltage is also a major determinant when buying a vehicle charging station whereby ev charging companies are progressively modifying the stations to decrease the charging time. This will automatically require electric car companies to increase the power acceptance rate of their vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Smart Features and Utilities
With the advancements made in technology, everything can now be done more conveniently including electric vehicle charging. This means that you should always go for a smart electric car charging station. These stations are Wi-Fi connected and can be operated remotely from your smartphone. Whereas smart ev stations don’t charge any faster, they tend to give you full control while at the same time providing data. If you are using a smartphone, you can use the remote control feature that allows you to control electric car charging stations located outside. Every time there is a vehicle connected to the station, you get a notification on your smartphone on whether to confirm or deny access. This is a very important feature in the event you want to control who can use your station. Another feature with the smart station is data monitoring that shows you your charging habits. This is helpful when you want to analyze charging costs.

Cable Length
Another important element when buying an electric car charging station is the cable length. It is important to first understand where your car will be parked so that you have an insight on the length of the cable that is required. Cable lengths of most stations can vary from between 12 ft and 25 ft. With this information in mind, you can settle for a length that is somewhere along the middle of this range such as 18 ft. The good thing about cable length is that when it is not sufficient, you can introduce an extension so that it gets to the length that is required to effectively charge your electric vehicle. The cable should also be flexible which makes it easier to roll it up or use it during winter.

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