How to Turn a Junk Car Into the Rally Car of Your Dreams


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You have a lot of options when it comes to that junk car in your garage. You can take it to a crusher and have it shredded into pieces, you can sell it as scrap metal, or you can make better use of it by transforming it into a rally car. Considering the time and money required, turning your salvage vehicle into a racing car is not an easy task. However, the satisfaction that you get after completing such a project is unexplainable.

Tips for Turning your Junk Car into a Rally Car

Rallying, as a form of motor racing, has been around for quite a while. The best thing about this sport is that you can get into it freely and make it your hobby, even if you do not own a Subaru rally car 2019. However, to be fully active and successful in this sport, you must ensure that your machine is up to the task. Renovating your junk vehicle into a custom car is a process that requires your time and financial input, considering the different spare parts you may be required to buy. Below, you will learn about all the essential parts you will need to repair or replace in your junk car to make it ideal for rallying.

The Engine and Drivetrain

Your car’s engine is its heart, implying that it must be in the best condition possible for the vehicle to function effectively. Your old car’s engine has maybe been dormant for quite a while. This means that it needs some work done on it. However, the engines used for rally cars are not necessarily as powerful as those found in dragsters and road racers. A rally car’s engine, such as the one found in the Subaru rally car 2019, is only supposed to deliver maximum torque and acceleration at both low and mid-range RPM levels.

You will rarely run the car’s engine at full throttle for extended periods. Therefore, as you modify the machine, ensure that its engine generates power as fast as possible. Consider an oil change because the oil in your junk car’s engine has been there for a long time, and it might have expired. Finally, if the engine is irreparable, you should consider buying a new one. It might cost you more money, but it will be worth it in the long run. Some of the best engine modifications include changing the intake manifold to provide more throttle response, switching to a header for your exhaust manifold, and installing a tuner chip for maximum acceleration.

Roll Cage

Regardless of your carefulness and prowess as you drive, participating in rallies comes with high risks of accidents. The chances of slipping up and dive into a ditch or have the car rolling over are very high. This is the main reason why you need a solid and reliable roll cage. This safety feature should be among the first things you install on your junk car when turning it into a rally vehicle. If you check out the Subaru rally car 2019, for instance, you will realize that it has a roll cage installed for the driver’s maximum safety.

Fortunately, many professionals in the custom metal fabrication industry can help you create a durable and reliable roll cage. You just have to be ready to pay for the services. That is why you should have a detailed budget, especially when ensuring that your vehicle can withstand the roughest use.


None of the other modifications in this list will be worth it as long as you do not have the right tires in place. Transmission tune-up is a crucial consideration in this project. Your car tires have two primary functions- to offer maximum traction and ensure that the engine’s power is transferred efficiently to the road. The most probable thing is that the old wheels are worn out, deflated, and out of shape. The ideal step to take is to replace all the tires because repairing them may not be very effective.

Moreover, the tires required for rallies, such as those installed on the Subaru rally car 2019, should be wider and relatively higher than those found in stock car models. This is essential so that the wheels get significant ground clearance and a broader surface that grips the ground better. Depending on the local conditions of where you will be driving, you might be required to purchase specially designed tires for mud or snow.


Participating in rally races can have detrimental effects on you and your vehicle. This is because the terrain is rougher and bumpier than driving on a paved road. Therefore, you must install proper suspension on your car to help absorb the shock. Stiffer and taller coils, ceramic brake pads, and a sizeable front sway bar are some of the parts you need to install to ensure that your car is not affected by the shock it experiences. If you do not know what genuine and quality suspension looks like, check out the one used in the Subaru rally car 2019.


As you take that rally race, you should be aware of the external safety threats. For instance, as you drive fast, a stone may find its way through the windows, causing great harm to you. Therefore, it is advisable to check the windows to ensure that the glass is strong enough. Additionally, some drivers have been involved in accidents during rally races after being distracted by sunlight. In this case, you could consider procuring professional car window tinting services to ensure your eyes are protected during the race. Most mechanics today are quite experienced at car window tinting.

If you consider a vehicle such as the Subaru rally car 2019, you will notice that its windows are sturdy. Moreover, they are tinted to ensure that the driver does not get distracted while racing. Tinted windows also offer protection against the hazardous sun’s UV rays. If you are participating in rally races in hot areas, tinted car windows will help regulate the temperature inside the vehicle.


Besides safety, you should also make sure that you focus on your comfort as you get behind the wheel. During rally races, you have to ensure that your car’s seat is comfortable and keeps you firmly rooted in place. Additionally, such seats should be accompanied by a 4-point safety belt, which reduces the chances of flying forward in the event of an accident.

You can check out the Subaru rally car 2019 to get a clearer glimpse of the ideal seats and safety belts. However, since these products are quite a lot on today’s market and come at varying prices, you can conduct your research to know which best suits your needs.


If your junk car lacks a battery, it is high time to get one. Next, you must ensure that the battery is well installed and secured in place. You can use ratchet straps or zip ties to tie the battery down firmly in place. This is because, unlike an ordinary car, you will drive your rally vehicle along some rough terrain. Such a race can make the battery become loose and shift around, consequently causing some severe damage. Finally, you should ensure that the battery does not come into contact with any metal elements. For that, you can cover it using rubber layers of duct tape.

Protect the Underside

Driving on dirt tracks or off-road poses a risk to your car’s underside. There are so many fragile parts in that area of the vehicle which are not designed to withstand high impact and force. Skid plates, which are relatively thick metal panels, can be installed on the car’s underside to protect the fragile parts. If you check many rally cars, such as the Subaru rally car 2019, you will realize how and why they have skid plates installed on their underside.

Repairing vs. Selling your Junk Car

Many car owners find themselves between a rock and a hard place when deciding whether to fix up or sell their salvage vehicles. If you need some emergency cash, you can choose to sell your car. However, repairing your vehicle is one of the best options, considering its many benefits. Below, you shall learn more about the pros and cons of repairing or selling your junk vehicle.

Repairing a Junk Car


This is common among car owners who are not ready to part with their old machines. There are many benefits associated with taking this approach with your junk vehicle, but you will only learn about the important ones. They include:

  • You already own a car. Therefore, it is unnecessary to acquire a used car loan to buy or lease a different vehicle.
  • Repairs are the best way to extend your old vehicle’s lifespan. It allows you to use the machine for a few more years.
  • It keeps you occupied. Sometimes you may find that you have a lot of time on your hands, for instance, when you take a leave from your job. Repairing your used vehicle gives you something to do during that break.
  • The satisfaction. Most people take pride in giving old vehicles their lives back. It is satisfying to see that you have revived a ‘dead’ car, and now it is up and running.
  • You can complete the project in your backyard. Today, many mobile car detailing companies are ready to serve their clients wherever they are.
  • You get to rebrand your vehicle and customize it in any way you see fit. You can turn your typical vehicle into a Subaru rally car 2019 if you like. You just have to make the necessary modifications.


Despite the above pros, repairing your junk car comes with its downsides. The cons include:

  • Reviving an old vehicle costs money. This is because you will be required to buy spare parts, some of which are very costly. If you do not have the technical skills required, you will have to hire a professional mechanic and pay for their services.
  • Future breakdowns are inevitable, especially if the machine is too old.
  • Most old models are not eco-friendly because they lack modern technology. That implies you could hurt the environment by reviving an old vehicle, which could land you in trouble with the local authorities.

Selling a Junk Car


If you decide to sell your old vehicle, you must understand some of the benefits of that decision. The pros of junking your car include;

  • You get cash fast. If you are in a tight position financially, selling your old and used car might be a lifesaver.
  • The buyer is responsible for transporting the junk car from your compound. Whether your junk vehicle is running or not, the buyer must find a car towing service, hence taking that burden off your shoulders.
  • You contribute towards a better environment. There are several companies out there that focus on reselling junk car parts. Additionally, they ensure that the dangerous chemicals in your old vehicle do not spill and sip into the ground.


Selling your old car puts instant cash in your pocket. However, there are some cons associated with car junking, and they include;

  • Finding the right buyer. Tracking down an individual or company that offers excellent scrap car services is not a walk in the park. There are many junkyards and scrapyards, but you must be careful before you trust anyone. Check the credibility and professionalism of different junk car dealers before settling on a specific one.

Turning your junk car into a rally vehicle needs serious considerations because it is both time- and money-consuming. If you have some technical knowledge about cars, you can handle the project as DIY. However, if you want to elevate it to the standard of Subaru rally car 2019, you might need to hire a more experienced professional. Ensure you talk to an auto insurance company before hitting the road with your newly-transformed machine to avoid being at crossroads with the law.

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