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Car talk show

Car Talk Radio Show

If you want some humor wrapped around some serious car repair advice, tune into the Car Talk radio show. This radio show has been around for some 35 years, bringing a chuckle or two from almost every listener.

The Car Talk radio show is hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, better known on air as the Tappet Brothers Click and Clack. It is not your ordinary car radio show. The brothers are just a delight to listen to as they listen to caller questions about all types of cars and their problems. Listeners of the Car Talk Radio Show not only get to fully describe the symptoms that their car is exhibiting, but they are more often than not engaged into a conversation about their hometowns. Another humorous facet of the show is that the hosts often comment on the names of the callers as well.

The repartee of the Car Talk radio show is partly due to the credits that are a highlight of the show. A favorite among listeners is the Chief Legal Counsel of the show is Hugh Louis Dewey of Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe. Now that is truly funny!

Calls on the Car talk radio show about cars range from the lowliest of cars, some even are antiques, to the latest and most recent models. You might not have that exact car, but you may find yourself saying something like, Hey, my car is doing that. The knowledge these two Car Talk Radio show hosts have is vast and in depth. There probably is not anything they do not know about cars. You can hear about engine horsepower ratings and air conditioning systems. You will listen to how to know when it is time to replace those brakes, or even that you may not have to replace the brakes, just adjust them a bit.

It is a bit sad to note that this car talk show was retired in October of 2012. However, fortunately for those of use who loved the show, it is currently in rerun status.

So the next time you need some advice about cars, just tune into the Car Talk radio show.

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