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Car talk

Having some car trouble? Or maybe you’re just looking to improve your ride for better performance and reliability? Then maybe you should check out Car Talk radio on NPR. The Car Talk show has been running for 35 years, providing useful car advice to thousands and thousands of listeners eager for easy tips, serious mechanical answers and all around sound automotive advice. Although the show has been in reruns since late 2012, with decades worth of older shows to explore, there’s meaningful information out there for owners and enthusiasts of almost every conceivable style of vehicle.

It’s not the only car talk radio show, by any means, but Car talk is a perennial favorite not just with regular NPR listeners but with the general public at large. It’s famous for it’s breezy style and pleasantly offbeat sense of humor. It even has a catchy and unlikely theme song in the bluegrass number “Dawggy Mountain Breakdown.” (The joke here is that “breakdown” is a musical term used in bluegrass, bass music, grindcore and heavy metal, but it’s also something that Car Talk will help you avoid on the road!)

And Car Talk isn’t just hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi (that’s right, they’re brothers) lecturing about cars. It’s a call in show, where listeners bring their very specific and personal questions to the table, and Tom and Ray engage them in banter that’s as entertaining as it is educational. Even non car nuts have been known to listen to this show just because it’s so interesting and fun.

But of course it’s called Car Talk, and anybody who wants to learn more about the workings of their vehicle can learn a lot of time savers and safety tips by listening carefully to the various issues that callers bring in. It’s really impressive how the hosts of Car Talk can come up with a handy solution, or at least a good tip, right on the spot. So why not listening in for Car Talk on the radio, or look it up in NPR’s online database. If you’ve got a car and want to keep it running its best, give a listen and see what you can learn.

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October 2021