The Best Performance Parts to Boost Your Mazda


The U.S. automotive aftermarket is an impressive beast, boasting a $287 billion industry in 2017. It’s expected to continue its compound yearly growth rate of 3.6% well into 2020. On a global scale, the aftermarket industry projections are pushing $722.8 billion by 2020.

The year of 2017 had a good turnover rate for producing and selling vehicles. In 2017 alone, 79 million cars were sold on a global scale. Manufacturers produced a combined 73 million vehicles in 2017 as well, reaching a new ceiling from the previous year of 2016 with a 2.6% increase. Its expected to reach new heights in 2018 with an estimated 81 million vehicles. China, ranked as the leading car manufacturer, has been a major contributor to the global aftermarket.

The usefulness of motor vehicles has only expanded. Since 2002 an estimated 14 million vehicles, still on the road to this day, are pushing 25 years of age. This totals out to 8 million vehicles more vehicles since the year of 2002. It just goes to show that with the right auto performance parts, and replacement parts, it can and will extend the life of your vehicle.

This growth in sales extends to car enthusiasts, whether you’re a certified mechanic or you’re self taught. For example, if you own a Mazda, choosing the right Mazda performance parts might give you an edge you need. Choosing the right aftermarket parts, whether for cost efficiency or compatibility, is always important. In the case of the Subaru WRX STI, a new turbo with a few choice Subaru performance parts and improvements, can raise your horsepower above 500.

Every year, Mazda sales continue to hit an all-time high in America and these sales only continue to grow each year. By speaking with other Mazda enthusiasts and looking through catalogs at the many Mazda performance parts available on the market, future Mazda buyers can make an informed decision about vehicles that give them the best boost of power mixed with the style they were looking for. Whether you are someone who likes to attend shows or take your vehicle to race day, a Mazda might be the best option for you with performance parts that meet all of your standards. Mazda has something for everyone.

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