What You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Valet Parking In The United States


Here in the United States, many people live in cities of considerable size, spread all over the country as a whole. However, many of these people also own cars, as traveling from place to place via car is often easier than nearly any other form of transportation. But when you live in a big city – or really any city, for that matter – this can become more trouble than it’s worth, or at least feel like it.

This is due to the fact that parking in big cities can be incredibly difficult to find. This can be seen particularly clearly when we look at the data surrounding parking in New York City, where things are particularly bad. In New York City, the data shows that the typical driver is actually likely to spend more than a full 100 hours simply looking for parking over the course of a year. On average throughout the entirety of the country, the typical driver will only spend just over 15 hours (around 17, to be just a little bit more precise) in this same quest.

And the monetary cost of searching for parking over extended periods of time is quite the high one. This same New York City driver will likely spend more than $2,000 in lost time and gas alike, all just looking for parking. This is not even to mention the cost of for pay parking, which can certainly be incredibly high in many a metropolitan area here in this country, not just in New York City alone.

In fact, there are five cities that are currently ranked as being the worst places to try to find parking in, at least here in the United States. At the top of the list is, of course, New York City, but other cities comes close, if they are not already just as bad. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Seattle have all made the list as being terrible to park in. Much as is the case for residents of New York City, residents of these cities must also search high and low to find parking.

Again, the data backs this up. This data shows that drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco will both spend more than 80 hours a year looking for parking. In Washington, D.C. things are still quite bad, with the average driver spending around 65 yearly hours looking for parking, lower than the above cities certainly but still high above the national average of the country as a whole.

Taking advantage of valet parking services can help. From valet parking tags to valet tickets, there are many ways to many different establishments can bring about a valet parking system. Valet parking tags are easy to implement and producing these valet parking tags or using a valet ticket template is really quite easy. From valet parking tags for hospitals to valet tickets for businesses, there are many ways that the use of valet services can be put to good and for making life easier.

Take, for instance, hospital valet services, whether they use valet parking tags or valet tickets (as both serve, essentially the same role and it really just depends on which ends up being the easiest to use and is the most cost effective at the end of the day). When you get to a hospital, it might be the case that you’re coming in to the emergency room. In such cases, you don’t want to have to worry about parking your car. When a hospital valet service is in place, you won’t have to. This can even make things less stressful even if you are coming to a hospital for some sort of planned visit, such as those surrounding a surgical procedure.

At the end of the day, even just getting valet parking tags and paying the price for valet parking services can end up being more cost AND time efficient than trying – and often failing – to find parking in a timely matter. For so many people in so many cities throughout this country, valet parking services and their growth has become a real game changer.

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