When The Time Is Right to Intall a Car Breathalyzer


It is an unfortunate truth that American roads are not always safe to drive on, and drunk driving is a tragically common occurrence that can threaten both life and limb to drivers and pedestrians alike on the roads. Distracted drivers are also in issue: those who are preoccupied with an electronic device instead of paying attention to the road and other traffic, and distracted drivers are often too late to notice and react to developments on the road, which often causes them to hit oncoming traffic (or prevents them from seeing stray cars), or causes them to hit pedestrians and also run red lights and stop signs. For this reason, using cell phones while driving is often illegal. But in the case of drunk driving, there are steps that courts can take to help prevent a DUI convict from committing this crime again. Often, getting a DUI means that a criminal defense lawyer will argue for using ignition interlock devices and a car breathalyzer instead of a jail sentence, and this means looking over car breathalyzer prices. These items are often being upgraded and made more available on the market, and courts may find car breathalyzer prices acceptable and agree to have such hardware installed into a person’s car for future use. Drinking and driving is a crime. But in some cases, a good lawyer or agreeable car breathalyzer prices mean that a DUI convict may continue driving.

Alcohol and the Road

Car breathalyzer prices, and the arguments of a criminal defense attorney, may convince a court judge to replace a jail sentence with the installation of a car breathalyzer device and an interlock interface in the convict’s car. But how does all this start in the first place? It should be noted that if a driver has a BAC< or Blood Alcohol Content, of 0.08% or higher, he or she is committing a crime even if they do not actually hit anything or anyone, and a DUI conviction is likely after a person has been driving like this. And if an accident occurs, the driver may face charges of DUI in addition to the collision itself. Current rates of drunk driving are clear on why car breathalyzer prices and interlock devices should be considered for some convicts; hundreds of thousands of people drive drink every day, and every day in the United States, nearly 28 people, on average, will be killed due to drunk driving, and many more may be injured. Every year, the total cost of drunk driving-related crashes adds up to some $59 billion. Drunk drivers will have impaired judgment, coordination, and inhibitions, and this can make them deadly on the road, day or night. Police, however, can often spot a drunk driver, and someone charged with drunk driving may have several different routes ahead of them.

The Conviction and Consequences

What happens after a drunk driver is arrested and charged with this crime? Such a person will often look for a criminal defense attorney at a law firm, and some law firms may in fact specialize in drunk driving cases, possibly because this is a common issue. A person facing these charges will arrive at court and argue their case with their attorney, and if this is done correctly, the court may choose to lower the sentence of the case (if there is a conviction). Some of the most heavy sentences may include jail or prison time, heavy fines, or the loss of one’s license or vehicle. But a lawyer can help bargain down the sentence to something lighter. The installation of a car breathalyzer and interlock devices is a compromise.

A car breathalyzer will not allow a car’s ignition to start until the driver breathes into the device, and it will test the alcohol content of the driver’s breath. If the amount is low enough (the breathalyzer will probably have a strict standard), then the car may be started, and the driver will have to update their input while driving (the breathalyzer will alert the driver for that). But if the driver fails their breathalyzer test, then the interlock system will prevent the ignition from turning on. This gives the driver freedom but prevents further DUI.

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